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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

In today’s fast paced ever changing business landscape, businesses cannot thrive, compete or simply operate effectively without a suitable integrated ERP solution. An Enterprise Resource Planning solution allows you to manage and maximise efficiencies in your accounting, inventory, supply chain, HR, procurement and CRM processes.

People Management

Truly maximize your teams efficiencies and ability to deliver making the lives of your team effortless and easy whilst mitigating your risk in an increasingly complicated and regulated world of compliance with ease.

Customer Relationship Management

Deliver an exceptional customer experience whilst you manage and customise client information and key attributes providing a clear audit trail to every interaction you have with your clients.

Project Management

Our Big Brother solution bringing clients closer, working in one transparent shared space. Flexible to suit our client needs with-in depth collaboration, regardless of where you are, from inception to live deployment.


World class solutions, built around your requirements.

Retail | Commerce

Multi-channel retail and eCommerce software solution for small and midsized companies that improves the in-store experience and automates how online sales orders are entered and fulfilled.


Successful hospitality companies face a variety of industry challenges across the continents. With a fully integrated ERP|PMS and People solution you can manage your business and team across multiple countries with fully built in compliance reporting with ease.


Parastatals, as government-owned corporations or agencies, play a crucial role in various sectors, ranging from utilities and infrastructure to finance and healthcare. However, these entities often face unique governance challenges stemming from their hybrid nature, necessitating tailored approaches to ensure effectiveness and accountability.


Successful construction companies face a variety of industry challenges. The combination of project control and construction accounting on mobile coupled with people time management solutions, cloud technology is a big advantage in meeting these challenges.

Manufacturing & Wholesale

ERP and CRM working together to support all major business areas in most manufacturing modes. Flexible manufacturing planning and shop floor control processes adapt as you change and grow.

Regulatory Authority

Regulatory authorities play a critical role in overseeing industries, enforcing laws, and safeguarding public interests. However, these entities face unique challenges in fulfilling their mandates effectively, requiring proactive measures to enhance regulatory oversight and integrity.

Distribution & Logistics

It’s easy to overcome distribution management challenges with the best ERP software for wholesale distributors. Gain real-time visibility into the status of all their processes and data to support management of the numerous moving parts and handling of logistics in an agile way.

Services & Security

Services & Security Smarter business solutions that let you focus on your clients and not administration. Time is precious in the highly competitive services sector. Focus your attention on client satisfaction, project delivery and managing your resources.

Other Industries

We have a solution for all industries – Accounting & financial services, advertising, agriculture, education, construction, equipment rental, healthcare, non-profit, engineering, government and many more…