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A better way to manage your employees

D-BIT Software solutions offers one of the best solutions to accurately and timeously manage your payroll compliance. A legacy system with powerful people management tools and many years experience giving clients peace of mind.


D-BIT HR integrates with D-BIT Payroll. The HR Portal separates the HR function from the Payroll office, relevant HR input is available to both HR and Payroll personnel.

  • Integration to Payroll
  • Add new employee and associate information
  • Record Employee Contract period and occupation
  • Record Employee type of medical examination as required
  • Record and report on Employment Equity
  • Schedule and process Employee Appraisals
  • Update employee leave for staff who may not have access to ESS
  • Notify Payroll for Employee termination
  • Add Company specific Training Courses
  • Schedule specific training for employees and determine course result

DBIT Payroll

Designed to manage and control all aspects of your company’s payroll.

  • Real time Processing
  • Employee tax trace
  • Store Payslip and IRP Images
  • SARS Compliant
  • Monthly UIF submissions and UI-19 forms
  • Workmen’s Compensation Results
  • Flexible Reporting including output to excel
  • Audit Reporting at Field Level
  • Automatically Backup data
  • D-BIT Help Desk for Support
  • Leave Module
  • Security Module
  • Costing Module for General Ledger transactions
  • Equity Reporting - EEA2 & EEA4


ESS is an efficient means of distributing payroll related details to employees. Employee self-service technology eliminates the need for printing and postage.

Employee Self Service

  • ESS is accessible 24 /7
  • Time previously spent by the HR manager on manual requests is reduced


  • Employee has access to current and past payslips

Tax Certificates

  • Employee has access to current and past Tax Certificates


  • Employee can apply for Leave “on-line” and view progress of his leave application until it is approved


D-BIT Robotic Process Automation improves business efficiency, data security, accuracy and compliance, by automating repetitive tasks.

  • Designed to optimize process that are repetitive, rule-based, and liable to human error.
  • Simultaneously improve the speed, consistency and quality of service in payroll while driving down the total cost of delivery.
  • Employ 'software agents' to carry out multi-step labour intensive processes.
  • Manage multiple (including remote) payroll servers and instances from a master browser console.
  • Publish formatted report packs to the D-BIT payroll client self-service portal.

DBIT Debt Manager

D-BIT Debt Manager is a software application that manages and streamlines the debt collection process.

  • Integrated Software
  • Register a Debt
  • Record Payments
  • Synchronise Data with Payroll
  • The Payroll Calculation includes deductions for Debt Records
  • The Payroll returns actual values deducted to Debt Manager once the payroll is accepted
  • Generate a bank file for payment of Debts
  • Debt Manager reporting: Email / Remit payment details to the collecting Agent